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July 12, 2018
Noise pollution can be a real problem during the summer in Arlington, VA and the DC metro area, but the soundproofing experts at Home Energy Medics can get you your own quiet place. Upgrading your home insulation and inspecting doors and windows today can quiet your home and save you money!
insulation, air sealing, home energy medics, va
July 5, 2018
Many homes have air leaks and gaps in insulation, leading to home comfort and efficiency issues. For a more comfortable and efficient home year-round, make sure your home is well sealed and insulated.
Home Comfort | Sitting at home in a chair enjoying coffee | Home Energy Medics
June 27, 2018
How comfortable do you feel at home? Do you battle excess humidity and heat during the summer, or cold floors and high energy bills during the winter? For many homeowners, the solution to these types of issues is to continually adjust the thermostat; but what if you could make home upgrades that resolved these issues for good?
Comfort starts with an energy audit, Home Energy Medics, VA
April 11, 2018
When you watch TV or scroll through social media it probably seems like the way to make your home more comfortable is to update your bedding, add a few more cushions to the couch, or buy some luxurious towels. While those might not be bad ideas, they’re only making your home a bit more pleasant but not actually doing anything to improve overall comfort.
Healthy air, healthy home, home energy medics, VA
April 5, 2018
As allergy season approaches, are you doing what you can to make sure the air you breathe is free of allergens and other contaminants? A great place to start is with the air inside your home.
energy audit, Home Energy Medics, VA
March 13, 2018
Whether you want to make your entire home more energy efficient or simply want to target those indoor drafts, Home Energy Medics offers an energy audit to suit your needs.
energy audit, Home Energy Medics, VA
March 5, 2018
At Home Energy Medics, we take an in-depth approach to give you a comprehensive view of your home and point you to solutions which will increase comfort, health, and energy savings.
Science of how the home fits together, Home Energy Medics, VA
February 28, 2018
A house is a lot like the human body. Just like how a problem in one part of the body can cause problems in other parts of the body, a problem in one area of the house can lead to a variety of problems in other areas. In order to keep your home healthy and performing at its best, it’s important to consider the many parts that work together to influence overall home performance.
New year home performance, Home Energy Medics, VA
February 26, 2018
How many of your New Year resolutions have you kept so far? These resolutions will help you save money and conserve energy this year and beyond!
improve home performance, Home Energy Medics, VA
February 23, 2018
If you're looking to improve the performance of your home this year we can help!



Zeeye L.

The crew did an excellent job. Everyone was so professional (on time, clean workspace, well mannered) they exceeded my expectations. I'm no longer using my dehumidifier and the air on the upper level is soooo much better.

Zeeye L., Arlington, VA