Do you think expensive new windows or doors are required to solve your problems? Probably not. We use a holistic approach to uncover the real causes of your home's discomfort, high energy bills and other issues. By taking your whole home into consideration before we make upgrades, our services are more effective and lasting than a single replacement. Here's our approach:


Whole Home Comfort from Home Energy MedicsOur team believes in collaboration when assessing and correcting problems in your home. We'll always talk with you to understand the pain points in your home, what problems you are experiencing, and what areas are high-priority. We keep an open dialogue through the improvement process to make sure our work is to your satisfaction.


When we evaluate your home for a potential upgrade, we take the whole home and all of its systems into account. We are well-versed in the principles of building science and understand that upgrading one area (like attic insulation) will have implications for other areas (like the improved efficiency of your heating and cooling units). The best way to get started? Schedule an energy audit with our team. This will give us a comprehensive picture of your home from an energy efficiency perspective, allowing us to pinpoint areas that need strategic upgrades.


A Home Energy Medics Energy Audit finds the things that are making you uncomfortable, wasting your energy dollars, and adversely affecting your health and safety. We use sophisticated diagnostic tools, including a blower door and infrared camera, to analyze your home's or building's energy performance.


Your home energy audit report identifies all the major energy, comfort, and safety issues in your home or building. This report provides a prioritized plan for making the most cost-effective investments to improve comfort and health, save on energy costs, and reduce your home's environmental impact. It includes images captured during the audit, including infrared camera photos, as well as an air leakage assessment and an energy bill analysis. This isn't a solution based on what's in the warehouse; it's based on the specific needs of your home or building. We consult our team of experts to ensure the best solution for your home and will come back after the audit to meet with you and review the report.


We provide a detailed estimate to complete the work using the best products and high standards for installation. Our team is quick and efficient, making your home improvement upgrades a non-intrusive breeze for you. Throughout the entire process, quality control is our top priority. We know the importance of a quality service, and are dedicated to the highest of standards when it comes to our work.


Our team is 100% dedicated to doing an excellent job. We are so confident in our work, we'll re-test after the work is done to measure and document the improvements and ensure your home's air quality and safety standards are met. Best of all, we share that data with you!

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Just looking for additional insulation in your attic or sealing up air leaks? Did you know that making certain changes to your home can result in unforeseen consequences? That is why we always recommend a full home energy audit by Home Energy Medics prior to implementing any efficiency measures. This will provide a full view of your house, it's systems and what can be done to improve ALL areas of your home. Best of all, we refund all or part of the audit cost when you choose to have us implement the solutions.


The crew did an excellent job. Everyone was so professional (on time, clean workspace, well mannered) they exceeded my expectations. I'm no longer using my dehumidifier and the air on the upper level is soooo much better.

Zeeye L., Arlington, VA