A home energy audit is an essential part of improving your home performance and energy efficiency. Through a series of tests and analyses, our team of building science experts can pinpoint the exact areas in your Northern VA and DC area home where upgrades and retrofits can make the biggest difference in home performance. A comprehensive energy audit can go a long way towards increasing energy savings, and reducing your monthly heating and cooling bills.

With an Energy Audit from Home Energy Medics, You’ll Get

    We take an in-depth look at the outside of your home, including your roof, exterior HVAC units, and look for areas where water and moisture could be getting inside.


    We then head indoors, where we check the highest and lowest points of your home—like your attic and basement—for things like air leaks, moisture, and quality of insulation.


    Your energy auditor will test to see if combustion appliances like your furnace, boiler, water heater and kitchen stove are operating properly. Sometimes appliances may be producing high levels of carbon monoxide that is drafting into your house instead of out.

  • Furnace/Boiler/Water Heater Efficiency Analysis

    How efficiently your appliances are running can have a significant effect on home performance, not to mention your energy costs. An energy audit includes a thorough performance test of all of your appliances.





    With this test, a fan is set up in an exterior door, and air is drawn out of the house to determine your home’s overall air leakage level, and identify exactly where air leaks are occurring.


    An infrared camera can see through walls and ceilings to pinpoint exactly where cold or hot air is entering and exiting your home. Through this test we get a better sense of your home’s insulation levels, and can spot where moisture may be creating problem areas in your home’s structure.


    Significant leaks in your ductwork can mean that you’ve been paying to create lots of conditioned air that is being lost before it reaches the living areas in your home. (A note that inspecting ductwork can be complicated, and comprehensive testing of your duct system can be performed, for an additional fee, to determine exactly where leakage is occurring and at what level.


    All the results of our testing, including observations and our energy auditors’ recommendations for your home, are written up and presented in a final detailed report with pictures.

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Our comprehensive home energy audit pinpoints problems.

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A full home energy audit should always be the first step before scheduling any upgrades or retrofits.

A full home energy audit should always be the first step before scheduling any upgrades or retrofits. The solution to your heating and cooling problems may seem as simple as new insulation or air sealing, but without an audit, you’re just taking a guess and may not see as much of an improvement in home performance (or reduction in energy costs) as you were hoping. A home energy audit from Home Energy Medics gives you peace-of-mind, and best of all, we refund all or part of the cost of an audit when you hire us to do the follow-up work!


I hired Home Energy Medics August of 2021 to soundproof my bedroom. I live in a condo and could hear the neighbors above and next door to me and it was disrupting my sleep.

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