suburban house against autumn trees and blue skies
September 20, 2021

Is there a time of year that's better for home insulation upgrades? Learn more about the benefits of insulating your home this fall. Home Energy Medics is the Metro DC area's go-to home performance contractor, from home energy audits, to spray foam, blown in insulation, and more.

soundproofing your home office for peace and quiet video thumbnail home energy medics
September 17, 2021

Soundproof your house and home office from outside noise today with help from the experts at Home Energy Medics. Learn more about the soundproofing qualities of upgraded insulation, and how our team of noise reduction experts can find a custom solution for your Metro DC area home.

Maryland neighborhood birds eye view at sunrise
August 17, 2021

What does "pearl certified" mean for a home? Looking for Pearl Certification in Arlington? We are proud to offer top quality services as Pearl-certified contractors in Northern VA, DC, & MD. Enjoy a comfortable and energy efficient home thanks to high performing features as recommended by Pearl.

collage of man foam insulating attic on left and individual caulking on the right
July 12, 2021

Learn the benefits of combining insulation and air sealing in your Northern VA, DC, or MD home from the experts at Home Energy Medics. Home air sealing and insulation can keep your house comfortable this summer and year-round. Contact us today to schedule an energy audit for your home.

model home with energy analysis report, money, scarf, energy efficiency concept
June 30, 2021

Discover how easy it is to improve your northern VA, MD, and DC-area's energy efficiency with a home energy audit. The pros at Home Energy Medics are experienced with duct sealing, insulation, and other energy conserving technologies for your home. Start saving money and energy — contact us today!

ductsweating 101 videographic home energy medics
June 2, 2021

Learn more about why condensation forms on your ductwork and the risks of not addressing the problem. Home Energy Medics explains why ducts "sweat" and how properly insulating your ducts or controlling your indoor humidity can create a comfortable, more energy efficient home.

home for sale
April 6, 2021

Learn why a home energy audit is important for any DC, NoVA, or Maryland home you're looking to buy or sell. Energy audits help sellers increase the value of their house, and they help buyers avoid homes with high energy costs and low indoor comfort. Schedule an audit with Home Energy Medics today.

home energy medics energy efficiency and insulation infographic
March 9, 2021

What are the different ways to make your home healthier and more comfortable? Learn more about different home upgrades available and find the right solution for your home. Home Energy Medics is an award-winning home performance contractor near you—schedule an energy audit with our team today.

two children looking out window during winter
February 25, 2021

Keep air pollutants out of your Northern Virginia, Metro DC, or Maryland home this winter. Home Energy Medics' home services can help you stay healthy and comfortable with cleaner air and better home performance. Schedule an appointment to talk to the local whole-home experts today.

new exposed duct system in house
February 2, 2021

Get to the bottom of the ductwork problems in your home. Home Energy Medics breaks down what could be causing low comfort and high energy bills in your home, and how you can tell if your ductwork is to blame. Schedule a home energy audit today to find out if you could benefit from duct sealing.


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