How Insulation Upgrades & Heat Pump Installation Work Together blog header image
April 17, 2024

Learn why insulation & air sealing are the best first step in heat pump installation, home electrification, and more. Get started with our team of experts today.

stairs leading to second floor of home
October 16, 2023

Keep your indoor temperatures the same from floor to floor. Learn why your AC or heating isn't the problem—your home's insulation is!

Home Energy Medics Is an Arlington Best Business & Sustainability Champion! blog header image
September 22, 2023

Get award-winning home performance services in Arlington! Home Energy Medics wins 2023 Sustainable Business of the Year and is named a Sustainability Champion! 

Top 3 Questions About Energy Audits—Answered blog header image
September 10, 2023

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about energy audits and schedule yours today with Home Energy Medics in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland.

Combating Heat in Your Upstairs Bedrooms blog header image
August 22, 2023

Find out what’s causing the upper levels of your home to get too hot and discover how to combat heat in your upstairs bedrooms with our insulation and air sealing services!

Are Energy Audits Worth It?  blog header image
April 18, 2023

Schedule an energy audit for your Northern Virginia or DC area home and figure out where your house is using energy–and where it’s losing it. An energy audit allows you to make the home performance upgrades that will most improve your home’s comfort, health, and safety. Read on to learn more. 

How to Take Advantage of Inflation Reduction Act Incentives in 2023 blog header image
March 23, 2023

The IRA gives Northern VA, Maryland, and DC homeowners tax credits and rebates for energy efficient home upgrades. Get started with Home Energy Medics today!

How to Make Your Home Quieter blog header image
March 9, 2023

Are you struggling with frustrating noise pollution in your DC-area home? Call the soundproofing experts at Home Energy Medics to restore your peace and quiet! 

Rake in the Savings with an Energy Audit blog header image
November 16, 2022

Save on high winter heating bills by getting a home energy audit this fall! Learn more about home energy assessments and how they can help you stay warm and save money this winter. 

Why is My Upstairs Very Hot in the Summer blog header image
August 30, 2022

Learn more about what causes the temperature upstairs to be so much higher in the summertime, and how upgrading your insulation and air sealing can help solve this problem for good! Schedule a home energy audit from our team of Metro DC area home performance experts today to get started.


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