home energy audit, energy assessment, thermal imaging home
May 21, 2019
Get answers to frequently asked questions about energy assessments, and find out why your home might need one. An energy audit helps you uncover comfort and efficiency issues and prioritize needed home improvements. Learn more from Home Energy Medics, Northern VA and DC’s trusted home auditor.
spring cleaning supplies
May 14, 2019
As you tackle your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to schedule a home energy audit! An energy audit uncovers issues that waste energy and decrease comfort and gives targeted solutions to help you improve your home. Learn more from Home Energy Medics, Northern VA and DC’s energy audit expert.
how to soundproof your home infographic header image home energy medics
April 23, 2019
Make your home peaceful and quiet with these soundproofing techniques from Home Energy Medics. Soundproofing is a great home upgrade for busy households, homes in noisy neighborhoods, and multi-family buildings. Learn more from Home Energy Medics, Northern VA and DC’s home expert.
how does soundproofing work? videographic thumbnail home energy medics
April 16, 2019
Wondering how to soundproof a wall or an entire room in your home? Find out how soundproofing works and which insulation materials are best for noise reduction. Home Energy Medics makes homes in Northern VA and DC more comfortable, peaceful, and energy efficient with professional insulation.
DC row house front exterior
March 5, 2019
Learn more about Pearl Certification and find out why it’s a good idea to get your home Pearl Certified. Pearl certified homes sell for on average 5% more than non-certified homes. Home Energy Medics is Northern VA and DC’s local Pearl Certified contractor.
energy audit concept
January 22, 2019
Considering getting an energy audit done on your home? Get the diagnostic testing your home deserves and avoid paying for unnecessary home upgrades by scheduling an energy audit with Home Energy Medics. We’re proud to provide the most comprehensive energy audits in Northern VA and DC!
how do we resolve home comfort issues home energy medics header image
December 27, 2018
Experiencing indoor discomfort or high energy bills? Let Home Energy Medics diagnose your home and prescribe the right upgrades for greater home comfort and energy efficiency. Home Energy Medics takes a whole home approach to helping VA and DC homeowners improve their homes.
warm mug on windowsill, hygge home
December 5, 2018
Master the Danish art of hygge by boosting your home comfort with these home performance upgrades. Home Energy Medics is Northern VA and DC’s home comfort expert, offering comfort enhancing upgrades like energy audits, air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, and window installation.
tips for healthy living, indoor air quality, air sealing, dehumidifier, home energy medics
November 5, 2018
Want to know more about how to keep your home safe and healthy? Home Energy Medics can help!
energy audit, insulation, air sealing, noise reduction, windows, doors, home energy medics, NC, VA
October 23, 2018
Buying a new home in Northern VA or the DC area? Remember to consider these 5 things before you close, including what the nearby schools are like and how old the windows and doors in the house are. Home Energy Medics is here for all of your new home’s comfort and efficiency needs.


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We had David come and take a look at our home. He was very knowledgeable and personable. We have never experienced an energy audit before and were unsure of what to expect from it all.

Eddie and Gabbie C., Centreville, VA