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November 8, 2017
There’s a good chance you are. It’s hard to get away from all the noise, especially if you live in a busy city like Arlington, VA or Washington DC. We expect a certain level of noise during the day, but what about noise at night, when you’re trying to relax or can’t sleep? With planes flying overhead, constant traffic right outside your door and noise from neighbors, do you even know what quiet really sounds like anymore?
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October 24, 2017
The most effective step you can take toward a more comfortable home, less energy waste and lower utility bills is a home energy audit.
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October 17, 2017
Increasing or upgrading the insulation in your house has many benefits; ready to see what insulation can do for your home?
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October 3, 2017
If you live in northern Virginia or the greater DC area, you know how crazy the weather here can be. If temperatures soared in your home this summer, chances are you’re in for a cold winter as well. Here’s why —and what you can do about it.
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September 26, 2017
If you live in an older home, or if you have noticed things such as drafts, musty smells, water stains, and a general inability to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, it’s time for an energy audit.
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August 28, 2017
Most people understand the concept of humidity — you walk outside, and the air is so heavy it feels as if you can drink it. When the air is thick like this, it’s usually near 100% relative humidity, or the maximum amount of moisture it’s able to hold. The warmer the air is, the more moisture it will hold.
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August 23, 2017
The height of summer is upon us, and although it’s great to enjoy the sunshine, you might already be longing for cooler days when the upstairs of your home won’t feel like a furnace. If you sleep upstairs you know just how difficult sleeping in the sticky heat can be. Your air conditioner is running over time so why exactly is it still so hot up there?
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August 2, 2017
Many homeowners are surprised to discover something quite a bit more sinister is lurking up there — mold. Whether it’s on the sheathing or growing among the rafters, attic mold is a serious problem that requires attention. Looking into preventing and addressing any existing mold will give you peace of mind and improve your home’s indoor air quality.
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July 27, 2017
Summer’s here, and the temperatures outside are certainly reflecting the change in season. Is your Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C. home able to handle the heat or are you in for a long few months? Find out and make upgrades that will improve your home year-round!
July 21, 2017
By Angela Woolsey/Fairfax County Times. Originally published here.

It took a water leak, a termite invasion, the intervention of city officials and the hard work of numerous volunteers, but Teresa Oliver is now finally back home.



Home Energy Medics makes homes more comfortable by providing comprehensive evaluations and unparalleled customer service to the Northern VA area. Here, Eddie & Gabbie describe their home energy audit experience and why going with Home Energy Medics was the right decision.

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