Contractor of the Year, 2023, Sustained Excellence

Home Energy Medics is incredibly proud to announce that we’re a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR 2023 Sustained Excellence Contractor of the Year! Having won this national award every year since 2019, we are honored to be recognized for a fifth consecutive time for our exceptional customer service and expertise in the home performance and building science industry.

Now more than ever, it’s important for homeowners to work with an energy efficiency contractor that has a proven track record of success and high-quality work. While it’s a blast to attend the awards ceremony and catch up with other industry winners, we take the most pride in being recognized for the passion and expertise that we bring to every single job, year-round.

When you choose to work with Home Energy Medics, you’ll be working with a team dedicated to delivering building science-backed solutions for local homeowners.


ENERGY STAR is a program jointly run by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote energy efficiency in the United States. Their annual awards include the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year Award, which is given to home performance contractors “that exhibit outstanding professionalism, build strong customer relationships, and apply building science solutions to improve homes.

You can see a full list of the 2023 award winners here.


With more than a decade of experience helping homeowners in the DC, Virginia, and northern Maryland metro area save money on energy bills and improve indoor air quality and comfort, Home Energy Medics has built a reputation not only for superior customer service and local expertise but as a national thought leader in the building science industry.

If you’re a homeowner considering energy efficiency upgrades to your home, here’s what this recognition means for you: You’ll be working with a contractor who, for four years running, has been recognized nationally for their home performance business, including home energy audits, insulation and air sealing, indoor air quality solutions, and more. It means you’ll be working with a company at the forefront of the latest in building science knowledge and technology.

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The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Award isn’t our only industry accreditation either. When you choose to work with Home Energy Medics on your home, you’ll be working with a company that is:

  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified

  • A member of the Pearl Contractor Network

  • A founding member of the Building Performance Association (BPA)

  • A Virginia Energy Efficiency Leadership Award winner

  • An Angie’s List Super Service Award winner

  • And more!

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Looking for Duct Sealing? Did you know...

There is a substantial amount of energy loss when your HVAC system works overtime to make up for leaks and gaps in your ductwork. In addition to increased energy bills, the unnecessary strain on your system can significantly shorten its lifespan or lead to costly repairs. Air duct leaks can also create indoor air quality issues by allowing dust, allergens, and other pollutants easy access to the air circulating through your home. Having properly sealed ducts keeps these pollutants out of the air you breathe and balances temperatures, leaving your home feeling more comfortable.


I hired Home Energy Medics August of 2021 to soundproof my bedroom. I live in a condo and could hear the neighbors above and next door to me and it was disrupting my sleep.

Cheryl R, VA