Ice damns forming on the outside of a house
December 5, 2019

Upgrade your home's attic insulation and air sealing and prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. The best form of ice dam prevention is improving your home performance with Home Energy Medics. Our energy audits identify your home's weak spots and insulation services will keep ice dams at bay for good.

utility bills
November 12, 2019

Lower your energy bill with these tips and recommendations that will improve your energy efficiency this winter. From reversing your ceiling fan to upgrading your insulation, discover the weatherization improvements that will help you get the most out of your heating system and increase home savings.

person sleeping soundly in bed
September 16, 2019
“How do I improve my home’s sleeping conditions?” At Home Energy Medics, we get this question often from Northern VA and DC homeowners. Find out how sleep quality is tied to temperature and home performance, and why a healthier, more comfortable home can help you sleep better.
stairs leading to second floor of home
September 16, 2019
Learn why the upstairs of your Northern VA and DC area house gets so hot in the summer, and how proper insulation and air sealing can solve your warm weather woes. Home Energy Medics breaks down the science behind your home’s energy performance and how to keep your home cool.
air sealing and insulation together
September 9, 2019
Learn the most effective way to keep summer heat out of your home. Perform air sealing at the same time as upgrading the insulation in your Northern VA and DC area home. Home Energy Medics explains how both practices work together to improve both heating and cooling performance in your home.
couple looking at houses online
August 6, 2019

Smart home buyers in the Washington DC area learn how to ID the signs of energy efficiency in your new home with an energy audit by Home Energy Medics. Look for energy wasters and efficiency red flags like inadequate insulation. Home sellers & buyers benefit from energy audits from award winning Home Energy Medics.

condensation on ductwork
July 25, 2019
Sweating AC ducts could mean that your Washington DC home needs duct sealing, air sealing & an insulation upgrade by Home Energy Medics. Moisture collects on cool ducts, creating mold that circulates through the house and affects indoor air quality. Our home energy audit can pinpoint the cause and offer smart advice.
attic insulation
June 17, 2019
Find out which areas in the home are the most important to insulate before summer. Home Energy Medics of Northern VA and DC explains where you should insulate your home for greater indoor comfort and protection from the summer heat and humidity. Learn more about home insulation with air sealing for the summer.
How to Tell If You Need New Windows infographic header image home energy medics
June 11, 2019
Find out how to tell if it’s time to upgrade your windows, with help from Home Energy Medics — Northern VA and DC’s local home comfort and efficiency expert. Outdated windows can undermine your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Learn about the signs of outdated windows.
home energy audit, energy assessment, thermal imaging home
May 21, 2019
Get answers to frequently asked questions about energy assessments, and find out why your home might need one. An energy audit helps you uncover comfort and efficiency issues and prioritize needed home improvements. Learn more from Home Energy Medics, Northern VA and DC’s trusted home auditor.



The crew did an excellent job. Everyone was so professional (on time, clean workspace, well mannered) they exceeded my expectations. I'm no longer using my dehumidifier and the air on the upper level is soooo much better.

Zeeye L., Arlington, VA