February 11, 2020
Insulation and Air Sealing Infographic

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Insulation and air sealing: If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency and comfort in your home, you should familiarize yourself with these two home performance upgrades. But did you know just how closely the two work together?

How Insulation Works

Insulation helps slow the transfer of heat between your conditioned indoor living spaces and the weather outdoors.

In the summer, it keeps hot outdoor temperatures outside, and cool conditioned AC air in your home. In the winter, it keeps the heat from your furnace where you want it—inside—while keeping the cold out.

How Air Sealing Works

Air sealing stops hot or cold air from moving between your home’s thermal boundaries.

Proper air sealing slows down what is called the “stack effect” in the winter, when hot furnace air rises up and escapes out the attic, as well as the “reverse stack effect,” where cool air is pulled down and out the bottom of your home in the summer.

Why Do Insulation & Air Sealing Work Together?

Insulation and air sealing complement each other, and it’s when they work together that homeowners can really see benefits like:

  • Higher home energy efficiency

  • Reduced monthly energy bills

  • Consistent indoor temperatures

  • Home comfort all year long

  • Cleaner and healthier indoor air 

How to Improve Your Home Comfort This Winter

Ready to get rid of uneven temperatures in your home, and increase your energy savings? The best place to start is an energy audit from Home Energy Medics. An audit will determine your home’s energy efficiency and show whether you need air sealing for your attic or additional attic insulation (or both!). 

Does your home need upgraded insulation and air sealing? Call (703) 447-5379 or contact us today to schedule a home energy audit and find out today.

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