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May 14, 2019

Spring is a great time to do a thorough assessment of your home and tackle projects you may not normally get around to — cleaning the garage, washing the baseboards, and decluttering the closets, to name a few. But as you give your home a deep refresh, there’s one important task you may be forgetting: scheduling an energy audit for your home.

When cleaning and decluttering makes your home look better, an energy audit and the retrofit solutions that follow, have the potential to make your home feel and function better.

The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

An energy audit is an in-depth assessment of how your home is functioning as a system, with the goal of pinpointing issues that waste energy and decrease comfort. It includes diagnostic testing to uncover hidden inefficiencies, such as a blower door test for air leakage, a duct leakage assessment, infrared camera analysis, combustion safety testing, and a furnace/boiler/water heater efficiency analysis.

The knowledge you gain from an energy audit is invaluable, but the real benefits come when you follow the recommendations outlined in your audit report and action plan. These recommendations are often simple home upgrades that offer a high return on investment. Think air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, and other energy saving improvements.

When you follow completely the recommended home upgrades outlined in your audit report, you can experience benefits like:

  • Enhanced indoor comfort

  • Less need to run heating & cooling

  • Increased home efficiency

  • Lower energy bills

  • Healthier indoor air quality

  • Greater peace & quiet

Make Targeted Home Improvements in the Spring

Spring is an ideal time for an energy assessment because you can then schedule key home improvements at this opportune time of the year. You might, for example, schedule duct sealing for better indoor air quality right before the peak of allergy season. Or, you might schedule air sealing and insulation for a cooler and more efficient home all summer. You could even upgrade your HVAC equipment at a time when you’re not heavily relying on your heating and air conditioning systems.

Schedule an Assessment with Home Energy Medics

Before the temperatures and humidity really start to rise here in Northern Virginia and DC, don’t forget to add an energy audit to your spring cleaning checklist!

At Home Energy Medics, we offer three energy audit options to give you the precise amount of attention your home needs. Have just one room in your home that you want to make comfortable before summer hits? Get a two-hour estimate with testing. Want something more in-depth? Opt for a consultation. Want a full diagnostic assessment along with a detailed report about your home? Go with the full audit. Our team can listen to your needs and help you determine which type of energy and comfort assessment is best for YOUR home!

Spring is the perfect time to schedule a home energy audit. Call (703) 447-5379 or contact us to schedule an audit with our award-winning team!

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