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June 30, 2021

Have you noticed your energy bills increasing in recent years? Maybe you’ve noticed signs of deterioration in your DC home’s insulation, or seen some other clues that your property might not be as energy efficient as it once was.

There are many reasons to value energy efficiency. Efficient systems benefit the environment by wasting very little energy and using less energy overall to keep your home healthy and comfortable. An efficient system also means your money is working harder for you, resulting in lower energy bills.

One of the best ways to check the efficiency of your house is through a professional Energy Audit (sometimes alternatively called an Energy Assessment). According to, these services are essential in determining where your home is losing energy, and what you can do to save money. A home energy audit can also help you save 5 - 30%  or more on your energy bills if you make the efficiency upgrades noted in your energy audit report.

Our home energy audits use sophisticated technology like the blower door test and others to determine where your home is wasting energy. Upon completion of your audit, our team of building science experts will provide you with an audit report covering:

  • External Inspection

  • Internal Inspection

  • Combustion Safety Testing

  • Furnace/Boiler/Water Heater Efficiency Analysis

  • Blower Door Test

  • Infrared Camera Analysis

  • Basic Duct Leakage Assessment

  • Mold Evaluation or Probability

  • IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

  • Window/Door Inspection

  • And more!

Pinpointing energy efficiency & comfort issues now leads to a more energy efficient home overall, and, as an added bonus, helps you become a better energy consumer. It is our pleasure to put the cost of this service toward follow-up work to fix any issues we find!

Maximize the Value of Home Improvement

Most homeowners’ budgets prevent them from investing in multiple home improvement projects at once. It’s smart to consider which upgrades you should start with to begin saving money and energy right away, but knowing where to begin can be a distinct challenge.

A home energy audit is the best tool at your disposal to show which parts of your home are inefficient, and help you make decisions about where you want to see improvement.

Your home doesn’t have to be very old at all before energy starts escaping. Here are some of the most common services for which homeowners reach out to our team to boost their property’s energy conservation:

Still feeling unsure where to begin? Looking for a second opinion on your next upgrade? Home Energy Medics is committed to helping you get the job done right, so we offer consultations with our team of experts to help you boost your home’s energy conservation with confidence.

Ready to start conserving energy and saving money with a home energy audit? Contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you reduce your energy consumption and bills.

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