December 15, 2021

Looking for the best gift to give your home this year? New insulation should be right at the top of the list! Replacing insulation and other home performance upgrades can:

  • Create more even comfort in your home

  • Eliminate chilly indoor drafts

  • Lower energy bills

  • Prevent ice dams

  • Make your home quieter

  • Improve indoor air quality

With a home energy audit, the Home Energy Medics team will identify the source of issues you’ve been experiencing inside your home. We’re trained building science experts, and we take a scientific approach to solving your comfort and energy efficiency problems. We use a variety of insulation materials, including cellulose and spray foam insulation. Combined with air sealing, new insulation will benefit your home for many winters to come.

Upgrade your home with the gift that keeps on giving: new home insulation! Reach out today to the leading insulation company in Virginia, Maryland, and the Metro DC area. 

Find the perfect gift for your home this year.

Upgrade to new insulation!

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