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February 28, 2018

Wherever you live in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC, you’ve probably run into some sort of home comfort or efficiency issue in your home. Maybe your heating and cooling bills are too high, or perhaps you fear that high indoor moisture levels could lead to mold and mildew growth. Whatever the problem, it’s important to pinpoint the root of the problem before it begins to affect your entire home.

A Home Is Like the Human Body

Have you ever had an injury that led to further injuries? Maybe you injured your knee while running, for example, and then decided to keep running on it. Instead of your knee getting better over time, your body placed strain on the uninjured leg, causing that leg to suffer injuries as well. Because you did not address the knee injury in the first place, other parts of your body began to suffer.

A house is a lot like the human body. Just like how a problem in one part of the body can cause problems in other parts of the body, a problem in one area of the house can lead to a variety of problems in other areas. In order to keep your home healthy and performing at its best, it’s important to consider the many parts that work together to influence overall home performance.

The Home-as-a-System Approach

For optimal home comfort and efficiency, it’s important to consider your whole house as a system. We call this the “home-as-a-system” approach. Let’s say, for example, your home is not properly air sealed and insulated. Throughout the year, the air that you are paying to heat and cool seeps out of the home, while air from outside seeps in. This leads to inconsistent indoor temperatures and causes your heating and cooling systems to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Your energy bills increase as a result, and you may even see your HVAC equipment break down prematurely. This is a scenario where a little air sealing and insulation could have prevented a wide range of home performance issues throughout the home.

Home Energy Medics: Whole-Home Solutions for Better Results

Because we at Home Energy Medics understand that strong home health is entirely dependent on how well its structure and systems are working together, we take a whole-home approach with every job we take on. We believe in learning as much as we can about a home before we begin work so that we can offer our customers lasting solutions that deliver tangible results. During a home energy audit, we’ll find out exactly what is causing your comfort or efficiency issues. Then, we’ll present you with a list of recommended fixed for better home performance.

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