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July 13, 2022

Many homeowners in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the metro DC area associate insulation and air sealing upgrades in their homes as benefiting them most during the colder months of the year. But actually, this home improvement work can improve your living conditions in the summer as well—here’s a little bit about the science behind air sealing as well as the specific benefits you can see in the summer.

Why Air Sealing a House Improves Efficiency

Air leaks can be found around many different places in an Arlington or Alexandria, VA home, including:

  • Windows and door framing

  • Electrical outlets

  • Recessed lighting fixtures

  • Baseboards

  • Anywhere that pipes and wiring go in and out of your house

When the difference in air temperature between the inside and outside your house increases (for example, during hot summer days), air pressure forces the cooler indoor air out of air leaks in the bottom of your home, while hot summer air pushes into the top of your home. This is known as “the stack effect” to building science professionals.

Air sealing your attic, basement, and exterior walls closes up these cracks and holes, minimizing the amount of air that’s able to enter or exit your home. And as you’ll soon learn, reducing air movement between your home's interior and exterior has a whole host of benefits.

3 Summertime Benefits of Air Sealing 

1. No more hot second floors in the summer

Ever noticed that on a summer afternoon, the rooms in the upstairs of your house are noticeably warmer and more uncomfortable than the downstairs? This is the stack effect in action! Air sealing will not only help reduce indoor drafts, but also creates more even temperatures throughout your home.

2. Avoid pollen and other outdoor air pollutants

Outdoor allergens like tree pollen, or pollutants like smoke, can make their way into your home via air leaks, even when the windows are shut. Air sealing your home gives you much more control over your indoor air quality and can help prevent health issues related to the air in your house.

3. Reduce air conditioning costs

Running your air conditioning can help keep your home cool on a hot summer day, but if air leaks are allowing conditioned air to escape while letting hot outdoor air inside, your cooling system will be forced to run longer to compensate. This leads to higher monthly electricity bills as well as extra wear and tear on your system, requiring more frequent repairs and shortening the system’s lifespan.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit to Find Out If Your Home Needs Air Sealing

Could your home benefit from air sealing? Where are the air leaks in your home, and how bad are they? These questions can be answered by scheduling a home energy audit.

At Home Energy Medics, our team of building science professionals can help you identify the source of air leaks and poor insulation levels in your home creating comfort issues, high energy bills, and unhealthy indoor air. During your audit, we’ll inspect and test your home using equipment like blower door tests and infrared cameras. Along with our findings, we’ll give you recommendations for home improvement work including air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, new window and door installation, and more.face

Stay cool in your home for less this summer by air sealing and upgrading your insulation. Contact us today to schedule a home energy audit and get started.

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