I hired Home Energy Medics August of 2021 to soundproof my bedroom. I live in a condo and could hear the neighbors above and next door to me and it was disrupting my sleep. Scott laid out what could be done to help alleviate the issue which was a combination of drywall, clips and channels, and insulation. It was not cheap but it all made sense. The crew assigned to my project was friendly and informative. They arrived on-time each day and kept me abreast of their progress. I was pleased with how respectful they were of the building. Some contractors make a mess in common areas or damage common walls or doors and it reflects badly on the owner, but this crew was very tidy and professional. After the work started I could clearly see that they were very experienced and competent in what they do. I was thrilled when they finished the project on-time and actually a little ahead of schedule! It's been almost 4 months since having my bedroom soundproofed and I'm happy to report that I have been sleeping peacefully in the bedroom ever since. Sound coming into the bedroom has been significantly reduced and any sounds I do hear are very faint. I'm glad I had it done and would definitely hire them again. Overall I had a great experience and was impressed with the quality of their work. Thanks Home Energy Medics!

Cheryl R