Energy Auditor

Luke brings over 5 years of invaluable expertise to Home Energy Medics, where he has held the following certifications from the Building Performance Institute: Building Analyst Professional, Envelope Professional, Internal Duct Leakage, and Healthy Home Evaluator. Before joining our team, Luke honed his skills as a home retrofit installer, tackling countless attics and crawl spaces to enhance home energy efficiency and comfort. His hands-on experience gives him a comprehensive grasp of building science, making him adept at diagnosing and resolving a wide array of home energy issues.

Driven by a genuine passion for both environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction, Luke is dedicated to uncovering the root causes of homeowners' energy challenges. Whether it's drafty rooms, fluctuating temperatures, or high utility bills, Luke is committed to delivering tailored solutions that optimize comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Luke finds fulfillment in family time and community service, often lending a helping hand with the DC Wheels skateboarding charity organization.