Home Energy Medics wants you to be comfortable in your home or building. We use a holistic approach when assessing and improving your building's energy performance to make it more comfortable, safe, durable, and energy efficient. We serve the Northern VA and Washington, DC areas. Make one call and we'll handle the rest!







Our complete energy audit measures your building's performance. One of our experienced and certified building analysts will visit your home, small business, or workplace and work with you to improve comfort and save energy. We'll assess your building's air loss, insulation, ventilation, moisture levels, effects, and more. After your audit is complete we send you a detailed report outlining the issues we discovered and how we can fix them.


We treat your home as if it were our own. Our team tests our work during and after completion to make sure our services are thorough and achieve the desired result. We also manage a team of pre-screened partners who share our core values and can handle any improvements your home requires. Just imagine: You can come home to a warm house on a cold winter's night—an efficient, affordable, and cozy home.

We look forward to making your home more comfortable, safe, efficient, and economical. We are confident that you'll be happy with our work! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our services can help you.

Our services address a full spectrum of home issues.

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Just looking for additional insulation in your attic or sealing up air leaks? Did you know that making certain changes to your home can result in unforeseen consequences? That is why we always recommend a full home energy audit by Home Energy Medics prior to implementing any efficiency measures. This will provide a full view of your house, it's systems and what can be done to improve ALL areas of your home. Best of all, we refund all or part of the audit cost when you choose to have us implement the solutions.


Home Energy Medics did a wonderful job on our house. We now have much better heating and cooling. The original audit was very revealing of heat leakage points throughout the house. I had no idea that recessed lighting "cans" could leak so much outside air into the house.

Jay F., Arlington, VA