Residents of Arlington, VA and Washington, DC are constantly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency, and there are a number of different home upgrades that can help. When it comes to enhancing home performance, two primary options for today's homeowners are insulation and air sealing. While commonly done separately from one another, when combined, these two services boost the energy efficiency of each other.


Energy loss begins in the attic. Air sealing stops the airflow between a home and the attic and is the key component to preventing energy loss. Proper air sealing helps conditioned air stay inside the home by closing up the holes which will significantly improve the comfort of your home. Think of air sealing like going outside on a cold windy day with nothing but a sweater – this will do a poor job to protect you and will easily let cold air in. However, putting on a windbreaker will immediately stop the air to keep you feeling warmer and more comfortable. These air leaks in your home are found around recessed lighting, duct chases, outlets and switches and more.


Keeping your home warm and toasty in the wintertime is essential to creating a comfortable environment for you and your family, but it's just as important that cool air be kept within the home during the warmer months of the year. While many homeowners know that insulation is essential in the winter, it proves just as important in the summer when the AC is running constantly. High-quality spray foam insulation, blown cellulose, and fiberglass batts can help to make your home more comfortable and keep conditioned air inside where it belongs.


At Home Energy Medics, we've seen firsthand on countless occasions the benefits that insulating and air sealing a home can bring. These great benefits include reduced energy consumption, enhanced comfort levels, improved indoor air quality and home safety, and an overall boost in home efficiency.

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Looking for Insulation? Did you know...

Just looking for additional insulation in your attic or sealing up air leaks? Did you know that making certain changes to your home can result in unforeseen consequences? That is why we always recommend a full home energy audit by Home Energy Medics prior to implementing any efficiency measures. This will provide a full view of your house, it's systems and what can be done to improve ALL areas of your home. Best of all, we refund all or part of the audit cost when you choose to have us implement the solutions.


The crew did an excellent job. Everyone was so professional (on time, clean workspace, well mannered) they exceeded my expectations. I'm no longer using my dehumidifier and the air on the upper level is soooo much better.

Zeeye L., Arlington, VA