June 18, 2020

1. Your house should be a safe living environment, but what exactly makes a healthy home?

2. Healthy homes have high indoor air quality, are energy efficient, and are comfortable to live in.

3. Unhealthy homes often have poor insulation, air leaks, and moisture, humidity, or mold issues.

4. Symptoms of an unhealthy home can include:

  • Coughing or sneezing

  • A runny nose or itchy eyes

  • Sore throats or headaches

  • Increased asthma and allergy symptoms

5. Replacing your insulation and air sealing, sealing duct leaks, and upgrading windows and doors all help contribute to a healthier home.

6. And, on top of cleaner indoor air, these improvements can lower heating and cooling costs as well.

7. Ready to make changes to your house? The first step to a healthier home is a home energy audit.

8. An audit reveals where the problems in your home are located and the best solutions to fix them.

9. Schedule an energy audit for your house today.

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