June 21, 2021

CoVID19 Update:


  • All of our in-home auditors have been fully vaccinated.
  • When we arrive at your home, you may answer the door and then walk away.
  • We wear masks during all in-home visits.
  • We wear booties during all in-home visits.
  • We will be going gloveless for all in-home visits. When one of our auditors arrives at your home, they will be disinfecting their hands in front of you before coming into your home.
  • We clean ALL equipment before bringing into your home.
  • We visit only ONE client home per day to reduce opportunities for germ transfer.
  • We do not visit with you face-to-face in your home (we call the day before to discuss any needs/wants)
  • Our payment transactions are TOUCH-FREE! We can run cc information without your signing for your safety.
  • We do not enter a room with the homeowner's present.
  • We do not use any homeowner's restroom.
  • We do follow-up visits via video chat, so you are safe!

For further details about our safety process, please read on. If you have further questions about your safety, don't hesitate to ask at info@homeenergymedics.com

Thank you!

The Home Energy Medics Team

Home Energy Medics has developed a policy to maintain a safe & healthy environment for all of our team members & for our clients. We want to ensure you we have continuity plans in place to deliver uninterrupted service as we navigate the uncertainty of the CoVID-19 Virus. We have implemented additional sanitization & cleaning protocols for our office, vehicles and equipment and extended options for remote work where possible. These procedures set in place are largely precautionary & will be monitored and adjusted as the situation deems necessary. Senior management is also monitoring the US-CDC and other leading world health authorities to guide our decisions & policies to ensure the welfare of our entire team & those that we serve! Below please find what we are doing in our office & in our clients' homes...........

Our Company Plan for Safety:


  • To keep our employees healthy and safe, we have a generous sick day policy such that no one working for Home Energy Medics will feel pressured to work if they have even the slightest indication of illness.

  • Before traveling to our offices, our employees are taking their temperature at home every morning.

  • Employees wash hands upon arrival to our offices and each time they leave and return this is repeated.

  • Daily cleaning of work surfaces, keyboards, tablets and phones with antimicrobial or bleach/water following guidelines set forth by the US CDC and other world health authorities

  • Staggered work times prevent full staff from being in our office together to follow social distancing protocols

  • If not in training, employees are working from home.

  • Any full staff meetings will be conducted via phone or video chat

  • Frequent/Daily wipe down of doorknobs, bathroom counters and other multi-person areas.

  • Everyone is staying in their own workspace

  • We have also asked our employees to avoid social spaces outside of our offices that may still be open for business (i.e., restaurants, shopping malls, etc.) to further protect themselves.

  • Anyone who shows or feels the slightest bit ill will immediately advise management of their symptoms, remain home and self-quarantine and follow the CDC protocols to prevent spread of their illness.

  • No employee will return to work until cleared by a licensed physician.


  • Before visiting your home, your auditor will call you the day before to confirm the appointment and confirm no one in your home is experiencing symptoms of CoVID19 or has in the past 48 hours.

  • We have a strict "No Handshake" Policy! We are happy to wave and say hello from a distance.

  • We will remain 6 feet or more from any person within your home

  • All employees are equipped with wipes, sanitizers and/or antimicrobials

  • Our auditors wash their hands before entering your home and before applying gloves and booties

  • All of the equipment used in your home is cleaned/wiped down before and after each appointment with appropriate disinfectant

  • Before we leave your home, we will wipe down any surface that has been touched

  • Although we are performing audits/consultations/estimates currently, we are reducing the amount of time we are in your home by calling the day before your appointment and/or just after to ask any questions we may have. In addition, your audit report & action plan reviews may also be conducted via video chat or phone call.

  • Our client home visits are one per day per auditor, thus limiting face to face contact on multiple levels

  • We encourage our clients to keep your appointment if everyone in your home is well! We do certainly respect our clients who are ill or high-risk who wish to reschedule, and every effort will be made to reschedule appropriately. In addition, we ask our clients to respect the safety and health of our team and community. If you are experiencing symptoms, please call or email us to reschedule!

Home Energy Medics is closely monitoring the CoVID-19 situation, and our top priority is the health and safety of our customers and staff. We are complying with the recommendations of the government and the Centers for Disease Control and will continue to make the decisions in the interest of all our safety.

In the meantime, please wash your hands frequently, keep surfaces clean, stay inside if you can and above all stay healthy and safe!

Click HERE to see our Pearl Partner Wellness Pledge!
Click HERE for the current CDC updates regarding CoVID19!

If you have further questions about your safety, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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