April 23, 2019
how to soundproof your home infographic home energy medics

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Looking to soundproof to your home? A building science expert like Home Energy Medics understands exactly how to help you achieve greater peace and quiet. Here are a few key steps that help reduce indoor noise.

Impact vs. Acoustic Noise

Proper soundproofing starts with understanding which types of noises affect your home.

Impact Noise

Noise created by physical impact against building materials

Examples: footsteps, closing doors

Acoustic Noise

Ambient noise that travels through walls and floors

Examples: car horns, music, talking

Noise Reduction Techniques

Check Windows & Doors

Poorly installed windows and doors let acoustic noise into your home. Have a window and door expert ensure yours are installed properly.

Seal Air Leaks

Many homes have tiny air leaks throughout which allow impact and acoustic noise to travel. Air sealing eliminates these air leaks.

Install Insulation

Many types of insulation provide soundproofing. A building science expert can pinpoint which areas to insulate for optimum noise reduction.

Want to reduce noise pollution inside your home? Talk to a building science expert. Learn more about soundproofing your home.

Soundproofing can make your home quieter.

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