December 27, 2018
Home Energy Medics | How we Solve Comfort Issues

If you’re experiencing indoor discomfort or high energy bills, it’s time to call Home Energy Medics. Here’s a look at how we resolve home comfort and efficiency issues at the source.

Step 1: Let’s Talk

By talking to you, we’ll get to know the pain points of your home and which areas are high priority.

Step 2: Diagnose the Problem

Through a home energy audit, we’ll pinpoint the things that are making you uncomfortable and wasting valuable energy.

Step 3: Write Your Prescription

After getting a comprehensive picture of your home, we’ll use a holistic approach to prescribe the right upgrades for your home.

We might recommend one or more of the following improvements:

  • Air sealing

  • Insulation

  • Duct sealing

  • Windows & doors

Step 4: Implement the Solutions

Your home prescription comes with a detailed estimate to complete the work. Our team uses only the best products and high standards for installation.

Step 5: Evaluate the Results

We’re so confident in our work that’s we’ll retest your home after all the work is complete to document the improvements. We’ll even share that data with you!

Have high energy bills or indoor comfort issues?

We can resolve those problems for good.

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