Jonathan Jackson - Energy Auditor
Energy Auditor

Jonathan Jackson is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, specializing in customer service and technical support. Throughout his career, Jonathan has worked in various roles and departments, including outbound sales, account management, and cable installation. His journey through the digital migration era has given him a deep appreciation for how technology connects people and businesses worldwide, bridging the gap between innovative products and everyday life. After gaining extensive technical knowledge in both residential and commercial services, Jonathan transitioned into the automotive sales industry, where he developed a keen interest in electric vehicles and renewable energy. Now, he is passionate about helping homeowners find sustainable energy solutions, educating them on home efficiency, and promoting a greener future.
Outside of work, Jonathan is a music enthusiast who enjoys both listening to and creating music, as well as exploring other creative outlets such as photography and videography. He also has a passion for culinary adventures, always eager to try new foods, and loves exploring cities alongside family and friends.